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Monday, April 5, 2010

Atlanta Author's Second Novel

The relationship between biography and fiction, the pros and cons of writing programs, and the writing life in general are just a few of the topics touched on as Man Martin interviews Susan Rebecca White about her newest book, A Soft Place to Land.

This is the story about two sisters torn apart after their parents' death in an airplane crash. Resentment, anger and jealousy divide them, but in time even these cannot erase the love they feel for each other. In a world where nothing is certain and catastrophe can strike any time, we all need "a soft place to land."

Anne Rivers Siddons, author of Off White, says White "has perfect pitch and a wicked pen," and Todd Johnson, author of The Sweet By and By calls White a "true original" and predicts that A Soft Place to Land is "sure to win your heart."

White's first novel, Bound South, won a devoted readership and widespread praise. White lives, writes and teaches in Atlanta where she shares a home with her husband Alan Deutschman, dog Raney and cats Moses and Zippy.

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