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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

John T. Edge From The Southern Foodways Alliance On This Week's Cover To Cover

This weekend on Cover To Cover Frank Reiss interviews John T. Edge, the Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Edge, a Macon native, has just released a revised and expanded edition of Southern Belly, a travelogue and appreciation of Southern Food and what it says about Southern Culture. He's also edited Volume 4 of Cornbread Nation-The Best of Southern Cooking. Frank and John T are old friends, and their free-wheeling discussion of Southern Food and how it has an integral role in our culture and our relationship to each other makes for an entertaining listen. Although if you listen before you have Sunday dinner you might be compelled to duck out for some barbecue or fried pies before the interview ends. In fact, John T walked into his interview with Frank at the GPB Talk Studio in Atlanta carrying a box from full of fried peach pies from The Varsity. Hear the interview Sunday night April 27 at 8pm on Cover To Cover.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Poet Ed Pavlic Joins Jeff Calder On Cover To Cover Sunday, April 20

This Sunday on Cover To Cover we welcome the debut of GPB Southern Lit Cadre Member Jeff Calder. Jeff will cover a range of subjects on the program in the months to come, but his 'beat' will be poetry. On Sunday's show he talks with University of Georgia Professor Ed Pavlic. Pavlic's new book is entitled Winners Have Yet To Be Announced: A Song For Donny Hathaway.

The book is Pavlic's attempt to see inside the life, music and untimely death of this elemental soul music artist, a man remembered for efforts as diverse as "Where Is The Love" with Roberta Flack or the theme to Norman Lear's 1970's sitcom "Maude." But Hathaway was highly influential in his own way, known as "your favorite soul singer's favorite singer." Pavlic tries to inhabit Hathaway, who left little in the way of legitimate biography or history after his jump from the 10th floor window of his room at the Essex House in New York City in 1979.

Writer and musician Jeff Calder and Pavlic talk about Hathaway, and Pavlic's approach to poetry. Listen in and you will also hear portions of Hathaway's songs "Give It Up" and "The Ghetto." We hope you enjoy this week's show. All comments, bouquets and brickbats to

Monday, April 7, 2008

Anne B. Jones and Jaclyn Weldon White On Cover To Cover Sunday, April 13

Southern regional writers Anne B. Jones and Jaclyn Weldon White join Rob Maynard this weekend on Cover To Cover. Jacklyn Weldon White's new book is Mockingbird In The Moonlight, a thriller set in Macon Georgia amid the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. White talks about the book, and how her background as a former Gwinnett County detective shaped the narrative and her book's newest literary crime-stopper Dixie McClatchey.

Anne B. Jones joins us to talk about her upcoming serial killer-thriller set on St. Simon's Island, called Blackwater Rising, as well as the Writer's Vision Quest 2008-Tapping Into Your Native Spirit Writing Conference, held April 25-27 in Flovilla, Georgia.

Anne B. Jones and Jaclyn Weldon White are both published by Indigo Custom Publishing, based in Macon, Georgia.