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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Poet Ralph Tejeda Wilson talks about The Black Bridge, and the Georgia Writer Of The Year Competition Sunday at 8pm On Cover To Cover

Join Southern Lit Cadre member Melissa Stiers for a conversation with Ralph Tejeda Wilson about poetry and the Georgia Writer of The Year competition. Tejeda will also talk about his 2002 poetry collection, A Black Bridge. Sunday at 8pm right after This American Life on your local GPB radio station.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This week, we take a break from Cover to Cover this week to bring you some holiday cheer:

Hanukkah Lights 2008 – Sunday, 12/21, 6 to 7pm
A perennial NPR favorite, now well into its second decade. Acclaimed authors explore Hanukkah traditions in original stories written expressly for “Hanukkah Lights.” Hosted by Murray Horwitz and Susan Stamberg. (pre-empts “Big Band Jump”)

Happy Joyous Hannukah – Sunday, 12/21, 7 to 8pm
Features a concert from New York City-based Grammy-award-winning band, the Klezmatics. Hosted by Murray Horwitz. (pre-empts “This American Life”)

Paul Winter’s Winter Solstice Concert– Sunday, 12/21, 8 to 10pm
The holiday tradition continues with Paul Winter’s Winter Solstice Celebration. The extraordinary acoustics of New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine highlight the music of the Winter Consort with Eugene Friesen, Paul Sullivan and Brazlian percussionist Café leading us through the longest night of the year, with singer/guitarist Renato Braz and “Icarus” double-reed man Paul McCandless. This year’s celebration debuts Apache singer John-Carolos Perea and musical performances from the 2008 Grammy winning CD Crestone. John Schaefer hosts.

Tune in to GPB throughout the month of December for our special holiday programming. Click here for the full holiday programming lineup.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lincoln: President Elect

This week on Cover to Cover, Dr. Stan Deaton sits down with Harold Holzer, author of Lincoln: President Elect. Holzer, one of the most eminent Lincoln scholars, winner of a Lincoln Prize for his Lincoln at Cooper Union, examines the four months between Lincoln’s election and Inauguration when the president-elect made the most important decision of his coming presidency—there would be no compromise on slavery or secession of the slaveholding states even at the cost of an inevitable Civil War.

Stan & Harold discuss the book and connections to our current president elect. All this on Cover to Cover; broadcasting on your favorite GPB station.